Flo is a smart period tracker that accurately predicts menstrual cycles, and fertile days.

What Flo takes into account to pinpoint your most fertile days?

• Cycle regularity
• Length of your cycle
• Cervical mucus changes
• Basal body temperature

• Mood
• Sex drive 

and other health symptoms

Is the Flo app accurate?

This is what Flo users say  ››

Amazing! This has been a helpful and amazing app. I got pregnant in one try. Thanks a lot!


A ladies best friend. Awesome and quite accurate! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


More than 5 million women who tried to conceive got pregnant with Flo.

Flo gets smarter over time!

The more you log – the more accurate predictions get.

Enjoy accurate cycle
& fertility predictions!